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Penneys Liffey Valley Store Preview


image: Anthony Woods Photography
Hello! Yesterday I was lucky enough to be one of the few to be let loose in the brand new Penneys in Liffey Valley the day before it officially opened. Since I know that most of you are just as obsessed with Penneys as I am, I thought I'd share some photos of the new store and tell you more about the day!

Our day started out in Penneys HQ where we hopped on the Penneys buses (this caused lots of excitement) to head over to Liffey Valley! I'd never been to Liffey Valley before so I was excited to see what it was like and of course see the brand new Penneys store!

When we arrived it was clear that this was a rather huge store and to be honest I felt like a little kid on Christmas Day with how excited I was! We all took a group picture in front of the store and then made our way inside. The lovely girls at Penneys who organised this event had gone all out with a red carpet and a DJ so it really was like a big shopping party!

Something I was very excited to see in-store was a dedicated Flormar stand! Liffey Valley is the first Penneys to have a stand like this but hopefully if it's popular enough more stores might get them soon too. I was chatting to Paul, the very man who brought Flormar to Ireland and he has done such an amazing job, so it's brilliant to see Penneys stocking their products, even if it's only in one store for now.

Getting to shop in an empty, brand new and freshly stocked Penneys is literally a dream come true for me, and at first I didn't know where to start, pretty much all of us there walked around in a daze for the first 15 minutes! 

The store has a huge beauty section full of loads of my favourite products like the 'Squareletto' false nails, the famous 'Come Clean Mitts' and loads of gorgeous make-up bags, so I started there first. After that it was all a blur of embroidered shirts, velvet suits and ankle boots and I can safely say I don't think I've ever had that much fun.

One thing I loved about Penneys Liffey Valley besides the fact that it's massive, with 3 floors full of gorgeousness, is that they have lots of the new 'time-out' sections which have seats and places to charge your phone which is a game changer for me! The store also has free wifi which is perfect for when I go on one of my little Snapchat shopping sprees to show you all what is in store.

As if getting to run wild in an empty store wasn't enough fun, after we'd shopped till we dropped (literally), we hopped back on the Penneys buses and headed to Drury Buildings where a festive feast awaited us. The room had been transformed into a Christmas wonderland and the pictures really speak for themselves, but I will say that all the girls at Penneys did such an amazing job with this event and I'm so thankful that they invited me!

I hoped you enjoyed this post and make sure you keep an eye out as next week I'll post a haul with all the things I picked up yesterday! Thanks so much for reading!


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