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Healthy Changes With Obsession Factory *


Hello, I hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far! Lately I've been making a conscious and very determined effort to get healthier, and if you're following me on Snapchat (my username is penneystoprada) then you're probably sick of me talking about the gym!

About a month ago I joined a local gym and if any of you are from Waterford then I'd highly recommend Goldstone Gym & Fitness! I used to hate the idea of going to a gym and dying on a treadmill in front of loads of people but since Goldstone is huge (we're talking 30,000 square feet spread across two floors), you really don't notice anyone else while you're working out, especially later in the week!

As part of my quest to get healthier, I've been using some of Obsession Factory's products. They're a new Irish company that sell fitness and health nutrition. Over the past month or so I've been using three of their products, the Slim Whey Shake, the Explosive Pre-Workout Formula and the Fat Burner tablets.

For a long time I thought that protein shakes and pre-workout were just for big muscly men that spent their entire lives in the gym, but I was wrong. I've been really enjoying each of these products so far and honestly do think that they've made a difference in my performance in the gym.

Pre-workout is designed to give you that extra boost for your workout so you can really push yourself. I've spoken to a few people who aren't the biggest fans of pre-workout in general but I really love it! I usually go to the gym after work, so it wakes me up if I've had a long day and I find that I can push myself harder, or run further, than I usually would be able to without drinking pre-workout before the gym.

So these can be a little controversial at times and I'm not sure I totally agree with the name, but fat burner pills are basically pills that contain ingredients found to help speed up your metabolism and in turn burn fat. The proper name for these pills is 'Thermogenics' and they are designed to help break down body fat so it can be used as energy. Like any other fitness supplement, they aren't going to work miracles by themselves so you still need to exercise and eat a healthy, balanced diet. With all that being said, I do really like these and think they've definitely made a difference in my figure along with regular gym sessions.

Like I said before, I always thought protein shakes were for big muscly men, but I really love this product, it's probably my favourite out of the three I've tried. As well as helping my body recover after a gym session, the Slim Whey Shake is a brilliant option for me to have for breakfast as I struggle to have a proper breakfast most mornings. You can add the powder to smoothies as well like I have in the image above, I think a banana, a scoop of the Slim Whey Shake, some almond milk and honey is absolutely delicious! I also like to use coconut milk with it and it tastes very like a Bounty chocolate bar!

The lovely people over at Obsession Factory have given you all a 20% off discount code so if you've ever wondered about protein shakes, or felt you needed a little extra boost for the gym, now would be the perfect time!

Even though I'm only at the start of my "fitness journey", I think I've gotten off to a very good start and am really enjoying making exercise a part of my everyday routine. I also recently got a Fitbit Charge 2 so I can keep track of my progress and also my sleep (but that's for a whole other post)!

What's your opinion on fitness nutrition and supplements? Have you ever tried out any of these products? Let me know in the comments and thanks so much for reading!


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* This post was kindly sponsored by Obsession Factory but all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own.

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