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Latest Purchases #1


As I was scrolling through Instagram the other day I saw a post that featured the weekly planner and to do list from Penneys above. As I'm in Penneys almost once a week I went and found them on my next trip. Penneys have just brought out a range of stationary and organisation accessories and I'm a sucker for anything that will help me be more productive (I need all the help I can get!) And of course even though I just went in for the two notepads, I came out with a few more bits and pieces!

I picked up this set of three bracelets that are very similar to the Alex and Ani bracelets that have been hugely popular lately. I love these bracelets because they're thinner than the Alex and Ani bracelets and for only €3 for three, you can't go wrong! 

The next thing I bought was a gel effect top coat nail polish by Penneys' beauty brand, P.S Love. I've been trying my hardest to grow my nails and I find painting them helps them stay stronger. This gel effect top coat should give my nails that glossy gel effect that I love so I'm excited to try this.

When I saw the next item I was very excited. Last summer I wanted to purchase the 'flash tats' that I'd seen all over Instagram but as they were pretty pricey for just one sheet of temporary tattoos I kept putting off purchasing them. So when I saw that Penneys now have metallic temporary tattoos for just €2, I instantly put them in my ever growing basket. I haven't tried them out yet as I'm going to save them for summer when a little more of my skin will be on show but I think I'll definitely be going back for some more to have a few in stock.

And finally, the two items that I actually went into Penneys for originally! A weekly organiser and a to do list that have the prettiest design on them. I'm forever buying notebooks and other office supplies to make me more organised so we'll just have to see if these work! These will be featured in an up and coming blogpost so stay tuned for that!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed today's post!

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