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Another New Bag


A girl can never have too many bags, that's how I justified buying yet another bag to add to my collection. I also justified it further because this little beauty was just €15 from Penneys, I couldn't leave it behind. 

I've been looking for a practical but pretty bag for a while and this reminded me so much of the Zara Office City bag from last year. Although it's plain and simple, the gold hardware on the zips makes it look so effortlessly stylish. I also love that it's not too big so I won't be tempted to fill it with things I'll never need or use. 

Much like the Zara Office City bag, it has two outer compartments which zip up, this is what I like most about the bag. I can separate everything and keep it all in order, for example, I like to keep my phone and ipod in one pocket so I know they're secure and safe. The middle section has a magnetic closure so I just keep things I reach for often in there, like my purse.

Overall I'm absolutely in love with this bag and I think I'll be sticking to this one for winter at least!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!

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