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Birthday Musings


Yesterday, the 29th of September was my 19th birthday. It feels odd saying that, 19 sounds so old to me, but then again I can't wait to be 21, strange I know. For this blog post I thought I'd share things I've learnt over the years in my short little life and I hope you enjoy them.

  • Know when you're in the wrong, accept it, admit it, apologise and move on, you'll save yourself from so many silly little arguments.

  • Be kind to everyone, we all have things we're going through and a bit of kindness might just make someones day.

  • Be flattered by imitation, don't let it bother you, you're obviously doing something right.

  • The cold side of the pillow is the best place in the world.

  • Respect and treasure your parents, you wouldn't be here today without them.

  • Never get your hair cut less than a week before a special event, disaster could strike.

  • You shouldn't have to pretend to be something you're not just so a certain group of people will like you.

  • When meeting someone for the first time, always smile and make eye contact, first impressions really do count.

  • Films will teach you more than school ever can.

  • Read as much as possible and if you're not that into reading, force yourself, it's the greatest hobby to have.

  • The best way to start a conversation with someone you've just met is to ask them about themselves, people love to talk about themselves.

  • Manners are everything, use them.

  • If you really want that bag then get it, life is too short for regrets, especially shopping ones.

  • Never compare yourself to others, you are you for a reason.

  • Having one day a week with minimal social media use makes you a happier person, I promise.

  • Confidence is key and if you don't have it, pretend, it'll come eventually.

  • Nobody ever posts the bad parts of their life on social media, remember that.

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