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Welcome to Penneys To Prada, a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog written by Emer, an aspiring Web Designer and shopaholic. Enjoy!

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Hair & Make-up Trends That Are Perfect For Festival Season

25 June 2017

 We've covered what to wear to a festival in 'A Guide To Festival Fashion', and we've also covered how to survive a festival and have an amazing time in 'The 5 Festival Survival Tips Everyone Needs' so now all that's left is our hair and make-up, which if you ask me can be the most important parts!

The Essential Summer Reading List

22 June 2017

Does anyone else find they read a lot more during the summer? There's nothing quite like lying by the pool with a book you just can't bear to put down, it's the ultimate relaxation! I always read two or three books whilst I'm on holiday and this year I think I've found some real gems, so if you're looking for a good book to sink your teeth into this summer, look no further!

I Don't Hate My Body And That's Okay

19 June 2017

This is one of those posts that I've had floating around my mind for so long but I could never find the right words to properly convey what I was thinking. Body image and body positivity are such hot topics lately, everyone's talking about fat/skinny shaming, the unrealistic body image the media portrays etc and I think it's great that we're all becoming much more aware of how we think about our own bodies.

The 5 Festival Survival Tips Everyone Needs

14 June 2017
image via Pexel

Festival fashion is all well and good (and you can catch my guide to festival fashion here), but a perfect outfit won't save you from a leaky tent, or mud up to your elbows, so I'm here today with a few tips that will help you be fully prepared and survive whatever festival life may throw at you!

A Summery Haul & The Bargain Of The Year

6 June 2017

As soon as I mentioned doing a haul of things I've picked up recently, the reaction on Snapchat was a little crazy, so here it is! I'm currently on holiday in Spain, so this is a very summery haul, but let's all keep our fingers crossed that the sunshine returns to Ireland again soon so we can bring back out the summer dresses!