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Welcome to Penneys To Prada, a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog written by Emer, an aspiring Web Designer and shopaholic. Enjoy!

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Loving Lately #3

26 March 2017

The other day I was having a look back through the archives of Penneys To Prada and came across two posts 
titled 'Things I've Been Loving Lately #1' and 'Things I've Been Loving Lately #2' and I thought why not bring 
that type of post, where I share some of the things I've been loving lately, back?! There's been a few things in 
particular that I've really wanted to share with you all recently, some fashion and beauty related, and some just 
very random, so here they are!

The Coolest Hotel - Volkshotel Review

22 March 2017

It's been a month since our trip to Amsterdam and I still miss that beautiful city, that can't be normal can it?! 
If you've read my review of Yays Oostenburgergracht, then you'll know we stayed there for the first two nights 
of our trip, and today I want to tell you all about where we stayed for the last two nights, Volkshotel!

New In: Beauty #4

15 March 2017

Hello! I feel like it's been ages since my last New In: Beauty post and I have so many new and exciting products to chat to you about that I've been trying out recently and loving. I mentioned in my 'What 3 Years Of Blogging Has Taught Me' post that free stuff isn't as great as it may seem, and that I'm now very selective with what I say yes to being sent. I only every try out products that I would actually buy myself and think that you would all love to hear about too. So, with that being said, here are some products that have really impressed me recently!

A Little Piece Of Tranquility - Lyrath Estate Hotel Review

10 March 2017

Last weekend, Dara and I headed off to the Lyrath Estate Hotel*, which like the title of this posts suggests, really is a little piece of tranquility. We have stayed there once before, but it was for a work conference and we definitely didn't get a chance to enjoy the peaceful side of this gorgeous hotel, so I couldn't wait for this trip, especially since the week leading up to last weekend was stressful to say the least!

The Streamline Wardrobe - How To Pack Light

8 March 2017

Hello! Whilst I was in Amsterdam I got quite a few questions on what I packed, or how I packed so light since all I brought for the five days was a small carry-on suitcase and a backpack so I thought today I'd have a little chat about what I brought with me, and a few little tips that helped me streamline my wardrobe.