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The Thing No One Tells You About Moving In With Your Boyfriend - Simba Mattress Review


Disclaimer - The mattress featured in this post was gifted to me by Simba but as always all opinions and thoughts are honest and 100% my own.
I've just checked and my last blog post was publish in FEBRUARY?! Honestly where does the time go? In my last post Dara and I had just moved in together and it was all very exciting. We've now been living together for 4 months but it honestly feels like 4 years. Anyway, enough rambling, today I wanted to talk about something that I've been extremely excited about, a mattress... I know that it may sound ridiculous to you to be excited about a mattress but this is not just any mattress, it's a hybrid mattress and it's kind of changed my life.

When Dara and I first moved in together, I brought my old double mattress from home and we had a hand-me-down box spring bed base. I am not exaggerating when I say that when Dara sat on the edge of the bed to put his socks on, I was almost bounced out of the bed. Obviously this didn't make for a great nights sleep as anytime either of us moved even just the slightest bit, the other would be woken up. I am someone who values their sleep so it was a bit stressful trying to get used to sharing a bed every night anyway, let alone dealing with the added hassle of not having the best bed/mattress set up. That's what no one tells you when you move in with your other half, it's all well and good to live together, and don't get me wrong I absolutely love it, but there's definitely an adjustment period and a lot of bad nights of sleep.
So obviously you can imagine my absolute joy when Simba got in contact and asked if I'd like one of their mattresses to try out. I was already doing my own research into these online mattress companies who deliver their products in handy boxes and have all sorts of cool technology built into their mattresses to ensure the best quality of sleep and Simba was easily the top rated and recommended company I had looked into.

Simba's mattress is made up of five layers (which you can read more about on the image below because I definitely couldn't do all of the technology and features justice) and they also feature 2,500 unique conical pocket springs which individually adjust as you sleep. The only way to describe what it feels like to lie on this mattress is that it feels as if you're being hugged by it, it's so supportive and not too squishy like some memory foam mattresses can be.

We've had the mattress for just over a month now and I wanted to wait that long before I reviewed it so that I knew exactly what I thought of it. Basically, I think this mattress is easily my most favourite thing I have ever owned. Sounds dramatic but I can't describe my love for it any other way. I actually don't like to travel now because I'd much rather be at home in my own bed. Dara's the same about it too, every night when we get into bed we both sigh happily at how comfy it is. It's made a huge difference to the quality of my sleep too which is the really important part. I wake up feeling very well rested and since I wear a FitBit which tracks my sleep very accurately, I can actually see that the quality of my sleep has improved and the amount of times I wake up at night has drastically decreased.
The combination of memory foam and the 2,500 springs mean that Dara could be jumping all over the place beside me in bed (which he often does, does anyone else's partner twitch like mad in their sleep?!) and I wouldn't feel it at all. The top layer of mattress is also designed to help with temperature control which again is brilliant for me because Dara is like a radiator a lot of the time so the Simba mattress keeps me nice and cool.

One thing I will mention, because as you all know I am nothing if not honest, is that there was an odd smell from the mattress for the first couple of weeks. Dara didn't notice it too much but I'm very sensitive to smell and there was a musty sort of smell coming from the mattress. I got in touch with Simba (who have an excellent and very helpful customer service team may I add) to ask if this was normal and they assured me that this was totally normal and nothing to worry about. It's apparently called "off-gassing" and happens with lots of mattresses that have memory foam in them. So if you do get a Simba mattress and you're a little worried about the smell at first, it's all good and it just needs a bit of airing out.
Simba have a whole range of mattress sizes in both EU and UK sizing, and we went for the UK King size (150x200cm) and that bit of extra room in bed compared to the double size has also made a massive difference to how much easier it's been to share a bed now so if you can size up, I'd definitely recommend it. The dream would be to one day have a bedroom big enough to fit a bed where I could have the Emperor size (200x200cm, I know, how massive is that?) but for now, this king size bed is absolute heaven!

Never did I think I'd write such a long and in depth blog post about mattresses but here we are! I did warn you in the beginning of this post that I was seriously excited about this mattress and hopefully the info in this post has helped to explain why. Of course I couldn't share all of this without getting you all a little discount too in case you are also on the hunt for a mattress so if you sign up here, you will get £75 off your mattress which isn't too shabby of a discount at all!

I hope this post was helpful if you are on the hunt for a new mattress and like always if you have any questions feel free to pop me a message over on Instagram!

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