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My Favourite Way To Spend - Revolut (AD)


Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Revolut but as always all opinions and thoughts are honest and 100% my own.

This is a blog post I am very excited to share with you because I am working with Revolut as one of their Pioneers, which if you've followed me for a while you'll know I am the BIGGEST Revolut advocate, so getting to work with them is a dream come true! If you haven't already checked out the first blog post I wrote last year about why I love using Revolut so much you can check that out here, and it covers a lot of the basics and lots of the general features available to all users of Revolut. You can also get a FREE Revolut card by signing up with this link -

In this post today I wanted to cover a bit more about Revolut's Metal cards, and why I think everyone should have one, as it's something I get asked about quite a bit. If you want to know what's included in the Metal plan, why I have had it for over a year and how it's helped a family member during a medical emergency, just keep on reading!

So to start with the basics, Revolut's Metal plan is €13.99 a month, and while that may sound like a lot, wait until you've finished reading this post before you make your mind up as to whether it's worth it or not. Included in the Metal plan are benefits like:

  •  A free UK bank account (very handy when shopping on sites like ASOS and River Island where you can spend in pounds to save yourself some extra money).
  • No fee ATM withdrawals of up to €600 per month (which is going to be very handy when AIB and Bank of Ireland sell their ATM networks and charge you a fee of up to €3 for even taking out €10).
  • Overseas medical insurance (you can find more detail on this further down).
  • SmartDelay, which gives you free lounge passes for you and up to 3 friends if your flight is delayed by more than 1 hour.

The list goes on and on, but those are some of the main benefits that make me love Revolut Metal so much. It just makes my life easier, and makes spending money much simpler, not that I need any help with that anyway and best of all, you get a cool card made from metal that always catches people's eye when you pull it out of your wallet!

Something that I didn't touch on in much in my first blog post about Revolut (because it was only a new feature available at the time) is using your Revolut card via your phone, Apple Watch, or even your FitBit (I have the FitBit Versa and my card is loaded onto that). This is probably one of my favourite features of Revolut, because my traditional bank account (which I am looking into closing and just moving everything to Revolut) doesn't have Apple Pay capabilities. I must admit, I am quite careless with my wallet, always leaving it in random bags, or jacket pockets, and so many times I am out and about and need to buy something, and since my phone is basically surgically attached to my hand at all times, I can just double click my home button, and voila, up pops my card and I can pay via the contactless bit on the card machine! A handy thing to know about this is that there isn't the usual €30 tap limit when using your card via Apple Pay.

And lastly the thing that makes the Revolut Metal beyond worth it, is something I wasn't even properly aware of until recently, and that is the Overseas Metal insurance that is included with your Metal plan. Usually I would be fairly dubious of things like this, and would always have my own travel insurance up to date just in case, but recently, my cousin Elsie who also has Revolut Metal, was travelling and had a pretty serious medical emergency which meant she had to spend some time in the ICU and a also had to be accompanied by a flight doctor on her journey home.

Of course this cost a lot of money as she was in Canada at the time. In fact the total was something close to €40,000 and thanks to her having Revolut Metal, every single thing was included and they took such good care of her, even organising a car to pick her up from the airport once she landed in Dublin to take her home, and it just made such a scary experience that bit less stressful. So for me, regardless of the other extra perks like free ATM withdrawals up to €600, and free lounge access in the airport, Revolut Metal is beyond worth it just for the reassurance that knowing if something awful did ever happen whilst I was travelling, I would be completely covered and wouldn't have to worry about the financial burden of the crazy medical bills you can get in other countries.

You can sign up to Revolut now to get a FREE card through this link -, and once you have signed up, you can choose which plan you'd like to go for, whether it's the Standard, Premium or Metal plan.

Thanks so much for reading,

Emer! x

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