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The 5 Staple Knits We All Need In Our Wardrobes


It's that time of year when all we want to do is wear our pyjamas, or clothing that is as close to pyjamas whilst still being socially acceptable to wear in public. The evenings are dark, and anything that will keep you cosy is a god send, and knitwear is the perfect solution for all of the above. The other day whilst I was reorganising my wardrobe, I realised I could categorise my knitwear into 5 key groups, so I thought I'd share them since it's knitwear season after all!

1. The Roll Neck

This is probably my favourite category, I mean who doesn't love a jumper that'll keep your neck nice and cosy?! Now if we were going to get really specific, this category would have like 3 subcategories,  like turtle neck, oversized roll neck etc, but let's just keep it top level shall we? Roll necks literally go with EVERYTHING in the autumn/winter season. I love to wear the thinner kind under dresses and with skirts, whilst a good chunky cable knit roll neck is perfect with jeans.

2. Chunky Knits

Another style of knitwear I love is the chunky knits (like the one in the feature photo for this post). I always make sure to buy my chunky knitwear a little oversized otherwise it can make me look quite boxy and not in a cute way either. Chunky knits are so easy to throw on with jeans, or leggings for a really comfy vibe. Also, so long as the knit isn't super chunky, I think they look very cute tucked into a denim or corduroy skirt.

3. The Statement Knit

Usually knitwear isn't the focal point of an outfit and is just there to first of all keep you warm, and second of all to compliment the rest of the outfit, but there are some jumpers out there that are the perfect statement piece of an outfit. I'd wear most of these with a super simple outfit, like a pair of black jeans and a black leather jacket so that the jumper can do all the talking.

4. The Knit Dress

A new favourite of mine recently has been the knitted dress. I always thought they would make me look super bulky, but I've found that if you get a thinner knit they can actually be super flattering. I've found a few in Penneys recently for €16 and they were roll neck too so the comfort level was a solid 10/10. I think I love knitted dresses the most because it's literally an entire outfit all in one easy to throw on piece. Before the cold weather arrived I was wearing them bare legged with trainers, but now a pair of tights and boots work perfectly.

5. The 'Goes With Everything' Knit

This category probably takes up about 60% of my knitwear collection because they're just so easy to style. Usually a neutral or a black, they'll go with pretty much any outfit I own and are perfect if I want a more laid back, simple outfit. This section is a good one to invest in because they're timeless and you can wear them year after year. At the moment, I'm actually thinking about buying some higher quality knits for this category because I know they'll stand the test of time and will be worth the few extra euro.

What's your favourite type of knit? Or do you think I've finally lost the plot for categorising my knitwear?! If you are looking for some new knitwear, you can click on the photos about and shop my favourite knits that are available on the high street at the moment. I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks so much for reading!

This post contains affiliate links. It won't cost you any extra if you choose to buy something through these links, it just means that I get a small percentage of commission for finding these fab bits and sharing them with you. You get to shop till your hearts content, and I get some shmoney to help fund my own shopping addiction, it's a win win really.

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