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What To Wear - Graduation


It's coming up to college graduation season and you can't go through a big life event like that without an outfit now can you? I've actually had this post sitting in my drafts for weeks now and the reason I delayed in publishing it is because I was waiting for an exam result that would determine whether or not I could continue onto the fourth and final year of my degree.

 Chatting all about graduation style when I wouldn't actually be graduating would have been like rubbing salt in the wound but I'm delighted to say that I passed my exam and will be graduating in November, thank god!

 I've been so excited about my graduation mainly because I get to buy a new outfit (isn't that the best part about any occasion?!) and today I'm going to share some of the pieces I've found that would be perfect for graduation!


First up we have dresses which are always a good classic piece for any occasion. Since we're entering into the autumn/winter season I've made sure to feature some darker coloured dresses, but also a few pops of colour for anyone who wants to stand out!

College graduations don't have a really strict dress code as far as I'm aware, you can wear a short dress, a midi dress or even a maxi dress, whatever you feel comfortable in. One thing I would keep in mind when picking your graduation outfit is to factor in the comfort of the dress (I know, I'm always so practical) because graduations can sometimes be lengthy affairs!

Co-Ords & Suits

These pieces might not be for everyone, but I'm definitely leaning more towards some kind of 'power suit' for my graduation. I mean why should the guys be nice and comfy in their suits whilst I freeze to death in my dress?! Suits and co-ords have become really popular lately which is great as it gives us so many colours and patterns to choose from.

I think if you're going to go for a power suit, like the orange Missguided set below, a white t-shirt with a black slogan would look really cool. It's something a little different and definitely not conventional but why not express yourself?!

Are any of you graduating soon? Do you already have an outfit picked out? I hope this post was helpful if you're still on the hunt and even if you're not graduating this post might be helpful for any kind of occasion!

Thanks so much for reading.

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