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Interior Inspiration: The Bathroom


All images taken from Pinterest

Recently on Pinterest, I've become slightly obsessed with bathrooms. I know, quite an abstract thing to be obsessed with but there's something to pretty about pristine bathrooms with big white bathtubs. This is the second post in the 'Interior Inspiration' series, if you missed the first one you can read it here! Also, if you want to follow me on Pinterest, you can do that here.

As you can see from the pictures above, my taste in bathrooms is quite similar to my taste in bedrooms. I love clean, bright, open spaces, full of as much natural light as possible. One of my favourite features of a bathroom is the bathtub and since staying in The Beacon hotel (review here), I have my heart set on a huge bath!

I love the idea of placing the bath in front of the window of the bathroom, it definitely makes the bath stand out and who wouldn't love having a view to look out on while relaxing in a lovely bubble bath? The picture in the top right of the collage above is one of my favourite bathrooms out of them all. It's very simplistic and symmetrical, giving it an effortlessly chic look.

Another thing I love in bathrooms is a rain shower, like the one featured in the bottom right picture. These types of showers feel so luxurious and relaxing, it's almost like standing in a torrential downpour, hence the name. I'm loving the wooden shower tray in the shower pictured too, it's quite a change from the usual white (rather slippy) shower tray in most showers.

Having wooden floor boards in a bathroom is a rather unconventional decor idea but I think it looks brilliant. My dream bathroom would be very white and simplistic, with a dark wood to contrast all the light colours. I also love the idea of having wood panelling on the walls for a beach house feel.

What features would your ideal bathroom have?
Let me know in the comments and thank you so much for reading!

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