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Denim Revival


 Last night I posted a picture of my new favourite jeans (the white pair) on my Facebook page and promised a post about them, so here it is! Penneys/Primark have recently updated their denim collection and I couldn't be happier! They now offer seven new styles which are The Super Stretch Skinny, The Boyfriend, The Flare, The Super Skinny High Waist, The Basic Skinny, The Jegging and The Fashion Rip. I went for The Super Stretch Skinny and The Basic Skinny. Keep reading to find out what I think of them!
Watch: Marc Jacobs Top: Penneys Bracelet: Penneys
 I've been searching for the perfect pair of white skinny jeans for at least two years now, no joke! So when I walked into Penneys the other day and saw that they had revamped their denim range and these beauties were for sale, I almost cried with happiness! For just €8 these Basic Skinny Jeans are an absolute bargain! My only complaint about the entire range is that the smallest leg length they offer is 32 inches and for someone with quite short legs, it means I have to roll my jeans at the bottom. I don't mind doing this but a 30 inch leg would be perfect!
Next up is The Super Stretch Skinny. These jeans are pretty much perfect (apart from the leg length). I'm very picky when it comes to skinny jeans (they're all I ever wear so I'm pretty much an expert) and I really don't like when jeans are baggy around the ankles and knee. The Super Stretch Skinny jeans are the perfect fit the whole way down and I love them! I'll definitely be getting these in different colours. These were €13 and remind me a lot of Topshop's Leigh jeans but for over half the price!

And finally, who can go into Penneys without picking up an extra few accessories! When I saw the silver bracelets I had to have them. I adore the Hamsa hand symbol and I will definitely be wearing them a lot. I also picked up some more hair ties because no matter how many I buy, I can never find one when I need it! 

Are you a fan of Penneys/Primarks denim range? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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