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My Favourite Blogs


Hello there! I hope your week is going well, and if it's not don't worry, there's only two days left until the weekend! Today I wanted to share with you all my three favourite blogs that I always keep up to date with.

This is by far my most favourite blog, every morning I have a read and it's one of my favourite parts about my mornings. Rebecca comes across so well and I love her fitness posts. I also love how she takes her pictures and the general feel of her blog, it's minimalistic but oh so pretty! From Roses is the perfect blog if you want skincare advice, book recommendations, and just general loveliness!

The first blog I ever read believe it or not was Milk Bubble Tea and here I am years later, still an avid reader! This is a pretty girly blog, full of fashion, makeup and skincare advice! I also fully blame Becky for my insane obsession with miniature dachshunds, as Oscar is just the cutest little sausage I have ever seen!

If you're looking for a blog to motivate you to get fit, but also incorporates style and beauty, then Lydia is your girl! I've been reading this blog for just over a year and I love the fitness advice and the workout outfit posts. I'm head over heels for the layout and style of this blog too!

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you check any of these lovely blogs out, and also feel free to link me your favourite blogs. I'm always looking for new reading material! 

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