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The Ultimate Wish-List


Imagine waking up one morning and being a millionaire, just like that! I know, you're thinking the same as I am, if only! I stumbled upon this witty Kate Spade graphic yesterday and it got me thinking, what if money was no object, what would I buy? 

Any girl who loves to shop has an ultimate wish-list, items she only dreams of in her wildest dreams but hey, where's the fun in having sensible dreams, right?

Above are the top three objects on my ultimate (money is no object) wish-list.

1. GIVENCHY Antigona medium smooth leather tote; 
To me this bag screams luxury, from it's perfectly structured, almost geometric shape to the chunky gold zip and it's smooth leather finish.

2. Christian Louboutin Daf Booty 160mm;
These outstanding pair of boots look like they could conquer the world all by themselves, yes I would probably break my neck after one step but fashion/beauty is pain after all!

3. Aston Martin Vanquish in matte black;
And finally the crème de la crème of cars, in my humble opinion of course, is the Aston Martin Vanquish, because what's the point in looking like a million dollars if you don't drive James Bond's car!

Hope you enjoyed this rather hypothetical post and be sure to let me know below your top three items on your ultimate wish-lists.

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