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Valencia Travel Guide - How To Spend 72 Hours In Valencia


Spain is the country I have visited the most, but I haven't really explored it all that much, so during our holiday to Murcia this year, Dara and I decided to take a little road trip up to Valencia and stay in an AirBnb for two nights. I'd heard brilliant things about Valencia, in particular the architecture in the city was supposedly stunning so I was very excited to explore the city and take it all in. It turned out to be a brilliant way to break up a two week holiday which may have gotten a bit monotonous and we totally fell in love with Valencia so I wanted to share what we got up to with you all.

Bluebell Coffee Co.

If you're into good coffee and cute little coffee shops with a nice relaxed vibe, you need to check out Bluebell Coffee Co. It was only a few minutes walk from our AirBnb and our hosts recommended it so highly to us that it was the first place we checked out when we got to Valencia. Obviously it was rather hot, especially in the city, so we went for the cold brew and I'm not being dramatic when I say that it was one of the best cold brews I've ever had. We also shared a slice of banana bread which was delicious. Bluebell Coffee Co. also serve food, but unfortunately we got there just a little after they had finished up the food for the day, but it'd be a great place to go for lunch!

Dulce de Leche Boutique Ruzafa

Another cafe that was just a few minutes away from our AirBnb in the Ruzafa area of Valencia was the Dulce de Leche Boutique. When I was doing a little research for our trip, this was one of the first places I found and I instantly knew it'd be my kind of heaven. The cakes and pastries they make on site each day make your mouth water as soon as you walk through the door, and I kind of wish we'd gone back there a second time! One of the best things about Dulce de Leche was that it was very reasonably priced. Dara and I ordered a lot of food for brunch, I had a fruit tart, a dulce de leche filled croissant, a freshly squeezed orange juice and a cold brew and Dara had a bagel with eggs, bacon and avocado, a ham and cheese croissant, a coffee and a freshly squeezed orange juice and the whole thing only came to €20!  

The VLC Mezcalería

Okay, I promise this is the last food recommendation I'll give you, but I can't help the fact that one of my favourite things about travelling is trying lots of new places to eat! Yet again, this restaurant/tequila bar was only up the road from where we were staying, so the Ruzafa area of Valencia is definitely one to consider when looking for accommodation, and it's totally a hidden gem. I absolutely love Mexican food and I love a good strong margarita and to my delight I got both, of very good quality at the VLC Mezcalería. I wouldn't call it a restaurant per se, more of a Mexican tapas bar if that makes sense? We ordered the guacamole which was divine, and the queso and chorizo which was equally as delicious. It was exactly what we wanted though, and my (very strong) margarita was only a fiver! 

The City of Arts & Sciences

Without a doubt The City of Arts & Sciences were what I was most excited about visiting in Valencia. It's a collection of stunningly designed buildings all with very different purposes and honestly it's quite the sight to behold. There is a performing arts centre and theatre, a science museum, a building that houses an IMAX screen called the Hemisfèric, and the Oceanogràfic which is easily one of the best (and biggest) aquariums I've ever been to. If you're thinking of visiting the City of Arts & Sciences, I would advise you to give yourself the entire day to explore it all. We paid to go into the Science museum and the Oceanogràfic and it was €30 each for the combined ticket, but you don't have to pay to walk around and look at the buildings. We did really enjoy the Oceanogràfic despite the ticket prices being a little steep, it's a huge aquarium park and most of the tanks are actually underground so it's a nice break from the heat.

Ateneo Sky Bar Restaurant

If you want one of the best views in Valencia, the Ateneo Sky Bar is the place to go. We found it very hard to find, and Google maps was absolutely no use so asking someone on the street is your best bet. We did have to pay a €3 each entrance fee which I thought was a bit silly since we were buying drinks anyway but I guess they have to capitalise on the view they offer. The cocktails were very strong (I swear that's not just the lightweight in me talking) and the view of Plaça de l'Ajuntament was stunning, especially as the sun was setting.

Our AirBnb

We stayed in a gorgeous apartment in the Ruzafa area of Valencia that I found on AirBnb (which is becoming my favourite way to find accommodation). It was our first time sharing an AirBnb with the owners so I was a little nervous but Paula and Marino were so welcoming and friendly and had so many helpful tips and recommendations for the city. They also have two of the most beautiful cats I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. You can sign up to AirBnb using this link (just click anywhere on this sentence) if you'd like €30 off your first AirBnb stay.

As you can tell, we really loved Valencia and honestly I wish we'd had an extra day or two to explore more of the city, especially 'The River' which is now full of gorgeous parks. One of my biggest tips for the city is that the public transport is very cheap (only €1.50 for the bus, no matter how far in the city you are going), so instead of wasting time, and melting in the heat, I'd definitely make use of that.

I hope this post is helpful to any of you who are visiting Valencia soon, or thinking of taking a trip there. Thanks so much for reading!

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