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Chocolates, Waffles & Beer - Where To Eat In Bruges


If you caught my post last week called 'The Ultimate Guide To Bruges' you'll know that we pretty much ate our way through the city, so I thought I'd share some of the places we ate and really loved, but be warned, there was a lot of them!

Chocolatier Dumon

We visited many chocolate shops whilst in Bruges but Chocolatier Dumon was by far my favourite. There are three shops in the city, but the one picture above is the original and still run by the founding family. They have every single kind of chocolate you could imagine so of course I ended up spending a fortune because I definitely couldn't come home empty handed!

Aux Merveilleux de Fred, Bruges

This is one of the fanciest p√Ętisseries I've ever been in. There's a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling, gorgeous marble tables and my favourite part was that you can see the bakers making all sorts of amazing creations right in front of you. It was a little pricey, I paid €4.50 for quite a small (but amazing quality) cappuccino but if you're heading to Bruges it's definitely a place I'd recommend. The experience and the little meringue cakes called 'Aux Merveilleux' are well worth the price.

De Stoepa 

Whilst in Bruges we stayed with our lovely (and very welcoming) friend Tammy and her boyfriend Tom, so on one of the evenings of our trip we visited De Stoepa which is one of their favourite restaurants and just a short walk from their house. De Stoepa has a very wide range of dishes on their menu, with everything from Italian pasta, to Indian curries. I ordered the spaghetti bolognese which isn't something I'd usually go for but it had come highly recommended and I wasn't disappointed. It was ridiculously tasty and such a big portion for just €10.


Hear me out on this one okay? I love trying out McDonald's in different countries. Every country has something different and they're such a handy option if you're hungry and haven't a clue where to eat. It may not be the most 'cultured' option, but let me tell you, the McDonald's in Bruges was pretty impressive! One of the chicken burgers we tried had avocado in it and even came with it's own slice of lime, I mean how fancy is that? They also do this incredible 'frite sauce' which tastes like a pickle flavour mayo and honestly I'd go back to Bruges just for that sauce alone...

Belgian Fries

All over Bruges there are frites shops, which are basically just your classic chip shop but the fries in Belgium are double/triple fried so they're much crunchier. They also have a ridiculous sauce menu for your fries and I love the Flemish stew sauce (seen in the picture above). We also tried out the fries outside the Belfry Tower and loved those too. Again like McDonald's they're not a healthy option but I mean when in Bruges right?!

Beer & Waffles

I haven't singled out any particular places to get Belgian beer and waffles whilst in Bruges because there are so many places and they're pretty much all the same. We tried out a few different places for each and I was quite shocked that I wasn't mad about the waffles, even though I have such a sweet tooth! As for the beer, you can't really go wrong with any of them and there are so many to choose from. My personal favourite were Jupiler and Blonde Leffe, whereas Dara loved Duvel and Brugse Zot.

Are any of you heading to Bruges soon? I hope this food guide helped and don't forget to check out my other post, 'The Ultimate Guide To Bruges' for what to see and do in the city.

Thanks so much for reading!

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