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My First Experience With Professional Teeth Whitening - The White House Review


Teeth whitening is something that's become so popular in recent years, with lots more companies bringing out at home kits and whitening strips. I've used my fair sharing of whitening strips in the past, but I've never had my teeth professionally whitened so when The White House * got in contact to ask if I'd like to try out their services, I thought why not! 

The thing about The White House that really appealed to me was their gentle, all natural approach. I have incredibly sensitive bottom teeth so any whitening service that promises zero sensitivity is good in my books. 

Since my bottom teeth are so sensitive, I've only used whitening strips on them a handful of times. The pain the strips used to give me was just not worth it so I'd always just stick to using them on my top teeth. This left my bottom teeth a few shades darker (which you'll see in my before pictures) and that's something I've always been conscious of.

When we arrived at The White House Dundrum we filled out a consent form and Roslyn (the very lovely lady who whitened our teeth) explained to us how the treatment worked. Dara went first, so he was lucky enough to get his picture taken mid-whitening! Once you sit on the chair, a lovely contraption is placed in your mouth to keep it open. Anyone who has has braces like myself will probably be very familiar with these, but it actually didn't feel as bad as I remember it. 

The White House uses an all natural whitening gel that is specially formulated to improve the look of the tooth. The gel is placed on the teeth and then a laser light accelerator is directed at the teeth to remove any stains and discolouration on the teeth. The process is done in 15 minute intervals, with the gel being removed and replaced with a new layer at the end of each interval. The entire process only takes around 45 minutes.

Above you can see some very flattering before and after's of my mouth! As I mentioned above, my bottom teeth were a few shades darker than my top to being with so I was delighted that the end result looked so well matched. 

One thing to mention as well is that although a laser is being pointed at your mouth for quite some time, there is very little heat. I was slightly worried that I might feel some burning, or that my lips would be sore but there was none of that which was great. The only time it felt a little weird was when Roslyn applied the next layer of cold gel to my teeth, but other than that there was not a single zing of sensitivity felt which to me is a miracle. 

Since my teeth were already quite white I didn't think I'd see a huge difference but I was so impressed with the result. I think the thing I loved the most about The White House was that they are really focused on the health of your teeth. It's very easy to go and have your teeth bleached, but inevitably that will damaged the tooth's enamel and would cause a world of pain for someone like me with sensitive teeth.

The only downside to this treatment is that for 24 hours after you have to avoid any coloured foods that would stain a white t-shirt. This proved to be torture for me because I love to eat, but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't actually that bad! The White House have a list of foods that are safe to eat in the 24 hour period here and if you are smart (and a total gannet) like me, you'll eat enough food in Five Guys just before your treatment to last you 72 hours let alone 24!

The White House offer top up treatments for €30 which are brilliant to keep your smile looking pearly white. They also have a range of at-home maintenance products and Roslyn was kind enough to give us one of their aftercare kits which contains a non-peroxide whitening gel and mouth tray and one of the Nano Whitening mouthwashes which also helps to remineralise the teeth.

All in all I was really impressed with my first experience of professional teeth whitening and The White House and if it's something you've been thinking about, I'd definitely go for it. The White House currently have summer special for €99 (it's usually €195) and they also have a two people offer for only €198.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any more questions then just pop me a message on Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook and I'll be happy to help! Thanks so much for reading.

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* This post is in collaboration with The White House, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own and if I'd been left with painful gnashers I'd be the first to tell you!

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