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Hair & Make-up Trends That Are Perfect For Festival Season


 We've covered what to wear to a festival in 'A Guide To Festival Fashion', and we've also covered how to survive a festival and have an amazing time in 'The 5 Festival Survival Tips Everyone Needs' so now all that's left is our hair and make-up, which if you ask me can be the most important parts!

Make-up Trends

Festival make-up trends have become so popular recently, and it's now totally normal to cover yourself in as much glittery as humanly possible! Festivals like Longitude (which you can still get tickets for here) are the perfect place to go all out and be as OTT and extravagant with your make-up as you like. 

Most of our favourite shops now have loads of products that will help you achieve the most amazing festival make-up. There are dedicated brands like In Your Face and Festival Face as well as our favourite high street shops that all have packs of face gems that are already in gorgeous designs so all you have to do is peel them off and stick them on your face and you look totally festival ready and fabulous! They also have temporary tattoos that can look really cool and I especially  love the metallic ones. 

Now by all means if you don't want to have a face full of gems then you can go for a less 'in your face' make-up look and use a bit of glitter, or even glitter eyeliners (which are super easy to use). I really love the use of glitter in make-up looks for festivals, and make-up artists have gotten so creative with how to use glitter recently, with some of them even putting it in their hair!

One of my friends, the very talented Laura Dempsey has created some amazing festival looks over the last few months. I especially loved a look she did using matte liquid lipsticks which just goes to show there are no rules when it comes to festival make-up.  I've embedded that tutorial below, along with another one that's really helpful, so if you're in need of inspiration, check them out!

If you are thinking of heading to a festival this summer but haven't decided which one to go to yet, don't forget to check out Ticketmaster Ireland's guide to all of the festivals happening this summer by clicking here!

Hair Trends

If make-up isn't really your thing and you love to do your, or you want both your hair and your make-up to be totally festival ready, there are some really cool hair styles floating around for the festival season. I was glued to Instagram during Coachella because everyone there had the most amazing hairstyles and whilst they definitely had hair stylists to do it for them, most of the styles aren't too hard to recreate!

images via Pinterest
As I mentioned above, the love of glitter has gone crazy and people are now putting it in their hair, but doesn't it look cool? The girl in the top left picture even has a temporary tattoo on her parting and I think it looks really good, so maybe you just have to be brave (and forget how long it'll take to wash out)! Braids are always a huge hit for the festival season and hair jewellery is now widely available to add even more of a flair to your hair. 

Would you go all out and put glitter in your hair and gems all over your face? I think I definitely would, I mean it's not everyday you get to go to a festival right?! Let me know what your favourite hair and make-up trends are for festival season by leaving a comment! 

To find out more about all of the festivals happening in Ireland over the summer, click here or click the image below to check out Tickmaster Ireland's festival guide!

* This post is sponsored by Ticketmaster Ireland but as always all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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