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In The Heart Of Belfast - Bullitt Hotel Review


Long time no speak! It's been almost a month since my last blog post and in the three years I've been blogging, I think that's one of the longest breaks I've had, but sometimes you have to prioritise and the mountain of college work I had to get done over Easter had to come first! Today I'm back with a review of Bullitt Hotel in Belfast*, a hotel with some seriously cool vibes.

Since it was Dara's birthday last week, and as part of his birthday present I'd bought us tickets for a Game of Thrones tour, it made sense to make a trip out of it and stay in Belfast. Bullitt looked like our kind of hotel, and I have to say, their website had me hooked instantly! They have three room types, the Dinky, the Comfy and the Roomy and are all about a no-nonsense hotel experience.

We stayed in a Comfy room, which is their medium sized room. I have to say, it's one of the smallest hotel rooms I've stayed in for quite some time, but in a way they made the space work. In the bedroom itself there's a super comfy king sized bed, a smart TV, a desk with all of your coffee making requirements, a mini fridge and a clothing rack. The bathroom features a rather large shower with a huge rainfall shower head (my favourite) and although it's quite a compact bathroom, like in the bedroom, they've made the space work. 

The bedroom also features air conditioning which was a life saver as that was one hot hotel room and there wasn't an option to open the window. I also felt that because the room only had one window in the corner, the room was quite dark and the dark walls certainly didn't help so we had to keep the lights on even in the daytime.

One thing I really loved about Bullitt was their breakfast. Now if you've read any of my other hotel reviews you'll know I love a good buffet breakfast, but that usually means having to get up and dressed before 10am and sometimes all I want is a lie-in. At Bullitt, you still have the option to have a cooked breakfast downstairs, but if you fancy staying in bed a bit longer, then the 'Grub to Go' bags are included with your stay. The paper bags are hanging on the back of your door and you simply tick which time you'd like the bag to be delivered the next morning and leave it on the outside of your door. The bag includes a granola and yogurt pot, orange juice and a banana and I really loved this idea!

Bullitt reminded me a lot of Volkshotel in Amsterdam in the sense that it's always full of people. Whether their meeting up for drinks in the outside bar (which has a very cool Jameson barrel sculpture), having a coffee and working in the main lobby, or grabbing a bite to eat in the hotel's restaurant Taylor & Clay and I love that sort of vibe. On Monday evening we decided to head out for a few drinks and we started the evening in Bullitt's outside bar which was full of people enjoying the late sunshine, so that was really lovely!

Like the title of this post might suggest, Bullitt is right in the heart of Belfast city centre and Victoria Square shopping centre is not even a minute round the corner. Although the hotel doesn't have it's own carpark, it does have an agreement with the carpark across the road so you only have to pay £10 per 24 hours, which isn't bad at all. We parked the car up on Sunday morning before the Game of Thrones tour and didn't leave until Tuesday afternoon and it was nice to know the car was safe and sound. This also meant that we explored Belfast on foot and got to see so many of the cities pretty streets and gorgeous buildings.

So there we have it, if you're looking for a seriously cool hotel right in the middle of Belfast, then I'd definitely check out Bullitt Hotel

I hope you enjoyed this review, and make sure to keep an eye out over the next week or so as I'll have a post up about what to do and where to eat whilst in Belfast. Thanks so much for reading!

* Although our stay with Bullitt was complimentary, all thoughts and opinions shared in this review are honest and my own.

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