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The Organic Way To Tan - TanOrganic


Hello! Since it's been over two months since my holiday in Spain, and my natural tan has well and truly faded (heartbreaking I know), I've been trying out TanOrganic's products to give me some glow back.

TanOrganic very kindly sent me some of their most loved products, including their self tanning oil, which over the last month has become my favourite tanning product to use. At this stage, I've tried a lot of self tanning products, but I've only ever used one other self tanning oil, which you can read about in 'The Pale Girl's Guide To Fake Tan' post. With TanOrganic's self tan dry oil, it's a clear oil with no guide colour, so when I first applied it I was very nervous at how it would turn out.

When I woke up the next day, having left the self tanning oil develop overnight, I was really happy with how it had turned out. There were no streaks, apart from a small patch I'd missed just under my wrist but I think using a guide-less tan like this just takes getting used to as the second time I applied the tan, it came out perfectly with no patches at all. The colour was so natural and a very close match to the colour my skin actually goes when I get some sun. 

I also applied this self tanning oil to my face, something I'm always hesitant to do as no one wants an orange face, but I loved it! It came out just as evenly as it did on my body and actually meant that going without foundation wasn't a huge deal as my face had a healthy glow already. I also applied some of the duo bronzer to enhance the glow and really loved the shimmer it has.

Another huge plus for this tan is how evenly it wears off. Usually I'd scrub my tan off when it starts to wear off to avoid looking like I have some sort of disease but with this tan I barely noticed it wearing off. When I did want to reapply the oil, I used the exfoliator glove to get rid of any last traces of tan and make sure my skin was smooth.

When I first tried out these products, I used the self tanning oil on my upper half, and the self tan lotion on my legs. I found that the lotion was just as good as the oil in terms of colour but I just preferred the oil because it dries almost instantly and I could barely feel it on my skin.

To keep my skin hydrated which in turn kept my tan looking perfect, I used the multi-use dry oil. This has the same scent as the other TanOrganic products, a really natural, fresh smell that I absolutely love.  

Overall, I really love TanOrganic as a brand. I love that they're products are natural and organic, that they are brilliant value for money and most importantly that they're quality products that give me a gorgeous tan. You can probably tell from my big ramble above, but if you've never tried TanOrganic before, the one product I'd recommend is the self tanning oil.  

If you'd like to try these products all together, TanOrganic offer a 'Luxury Tanning Suite' package which will save you over €30!

Have you tried TanOrganic before? Let me know what you thought about their products in the comments! I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading!


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* Although these products were kindly sent to me for consideration by TanOrganic, this post is not sponsored and all opinions in this post are honest and my own.

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