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Penneys Summer Style: Swimwear


Hello! I've just gotten home from Spain, as I type this my bags have yet to be unpacked! If you read the 'Penneys Holiday Haul' I posted recently, you'll know raiding Penneys was the first thing I did when I booked this holiday! For the next few posts here on Penneys To Prada I want to share three head to toe 'looks' from Penneys that I wore whilst on holiday, I hope you enjoy them!

My favourite thing about this entire outfit is the bag, I mean come on, how gorgeous is it for a beach/pool bag?! I can see myself using this bag long after summer has been and gone as it's a perfect overnight bag since it's so big.

One thing I love about Penneys is they always have matching items, making it really easy to put an outfit together that looks great without much thought. This cover up was really handy when walking from the apartment to the pool and it was such a lightweight material. 

I think my second favourite thing about this outfit is my shoes. They are almost identical to the famous Birkenstocks and for a fraction of the price. I loved these for pool days as you can just slip them on and off really easily.

This year Penneys swimwear left me really impressed, they had so many different designs and patterns! I love the back detail of this black crochet style bikini, although it's definitely not meant for tanning as you'd be left with some pretty odd tan-lines!

What did you think of Penneys swimwear this year, are you a fan? Let me know in the comments and thanks so much for reading!


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