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Hello! It's that time of year again when everyone is climbing back onto the fitness bandwagon after Christmas. Retailers of course take full advantage of this and our favourite shops are flooded with workout gear, weighing scales and exercise equipment. In today's post I've picked some of my favourite sportswear from Penneys/Primark and some of the things Lidl and Aldi have coming in to help you get back on track.

Penneys fitness gear is by far my favourite. It's reasonably priced and always on trend. My favourite pieces at the moment are the marbled effect ones pictured above. I think this is a really chic look and the prices are amazing.

Left : Top €6, Leggings €9, Headphones €7.50, Trainers €13. Right: Top €6, Sports Bra €4, Leggings €9, Trainers €13.
Penneys have definitely stepped up their workout gear game for 2016, I love the t-bar 'Earn It' detail on the tank top above. I think it's important to have workout gear that you feel comfortable in while also looking stylish, and these looks above certainly tick those boxes.

Lidl and Aldi's weekly offers are brilliant to find some absolute gems, and the next few weeks are the perfect example of that. Lidl currently have the fruit infused water bottle and foam roller in store and Aldi have the slow juicer and coconut oil in store. The thing I'm most excited about in the picture above is the Nutrition Mixer that Lidl will have in store on the 14th. In Lidl's 'Healthy Living Brochure' they say "at a fraction of the price of the market leader, it's easy to make the most of the value and selection in our fruit and veg aisles with our fab Nutrition Mixer." If this is anything like the NutriBullet, which it seems to be styled on, then it's amazing value for money!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you enjoyed this post!


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