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Mink Eyelash Extension Review


Hello, I hope everyone's week is going well so far! At the beginning of the summer I received a message from Empower Makeup Studio asking if I'd like to have a set of Mink Eyelash extensions done. Having never had eyelash extensions I of course wanted to try them out, but was leaving for America the week after. When I got home in August I messaged the girls at Empower Makeup and scheduled an appointment. Today's post is a review of the eyelash extensions and some tips for looking after them. Enjoy!

The lovely Louise did my eyelash extensions and one thing I will say is that the girls in Empower Makeup are so friendly, it was a really nice experience. Firstly Louise put protective pads on top of my bottom lashes to make sure my eyes weren't glued together and then used a primer on my eyelashes to make sure there was no makeup left as this would effect the glue.

She then measured my eyelashes and selected the right length and curl of lashes to use that would best suit my own eyelashes. Each lash is glued to an individual eyelash and the whole process took around two hours. 

When Louise had finished and I saw my finished lash extensions I was amazed! Naturally I have quite long thick eyelashes anyway, but the eyelash extensions were on another level. You don't need to wear any mascara with these lashes and it's important to use an oil free make-up remover if you do wear any other eye make-up. These particular Mink lashes last up to 6-8 weeks provided you take good care of them and depending on your natural eyelash life-cycle. I was given a mascara wand to comb them through if they needed tidying up.

The thing I love most about these lashes is that they are weightless, sometimes I forget they're there! If you've never tried lash extensions I'd highly recommend them and if you're in the Dublin area I recommend the girls at Empower Makeup even higher! You can find all their details on their Facebook page

I hope you enjoyed today's post, thanks so much for reading!

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