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The Everyday Girl's Guide To Fitness #2


The second post in 'The Everyday Girl's Guide To Fitness' is a fitness wishlist, because there is always some new gadget or Nike legging that I'm obsessing over. Let's face it, putting on a new pair of running shoes or leggings makes you want to go and exercise! 

With that being said, my fitness tip for this week is: 

Bribery Usually Works
Now, of course I'm only talking about bribery in terms of fitness! I find that when I buy some new workout gear or something else fitness related, it motivates me to workout and keep going. Think about it, if you're wearing a new pair of running shoes or leggings to the gym, you're going to feel pretty confident, and confidence is key to reaching your goals and pushing yourself that bit harder.

Below is a list of a few fitness related items that I have my eye on!

Nike Flash Running Tights
If I'm honest, the only reason I want these is because of how cool they look in the dark. I don't go running on the road at night so they would serve much of a safety purpose but I think they look awesome. The only way I'd be able to justify spending over €100 on a pair of leggings is the fact that Nike leggings are some of the best and extremely comfy for running!

Nutribullet Blender
If I could live purely off of smoothies I totally would! I think the Nutribullet is a fantastic idea because you blend the fruit/vegetables in the same container that you drink them in. It's a fast and handy way to make smoothies and I think I'll be investing in something very similar to this soon!

Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker
I've been looking around at a few activity trackers lately and I've set my heart on the Fitbit Flex band. It tracks steps taken, distance walked and calories burned during the day and at night it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you up silently in the morning by vibration on your wrist. You can track your progress on your phone with the app so it's perfect to keep you motivated. 

Nike Free Run 5.0
When it comes to running shoes, I never look past Nike. I currently wear the Nike Free Run 2.0 shoes and while I love them, they're sometimes a bit heavy. The Free Run 5.0 are very lightweight and flexible and I think they also look great to wear everyday casually.

Are any of these items on your fitness wishlist? Let me know in the comments and thank you for reading!

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