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The Newest Tech Addition


Today I am finally getting round to introducing you to my newest addition to my tech artillery, the Fujifilm X-M1. I bought this on my last trip to Dublin which you can read about here. I'd been thinking about getting a camera for a long time and researched every possible option before setting my heart on the very vintage looking X-M1.

 Before getting this camera I used to use my sisters Olympus point and shoot, and while it wasn't awful, it didn't give me the quality I wanted or the functions that the X-M1 does. With the Fujifilm X-M1 I can control pretty much every aspect of the picture I'm taking. Another deciding factor in buying a better camera was that in college I have a photography module and have discovered a love for taking pictures that I never thought I had.

The X-M1 came with a 16-50mm lens and Fujifilm currently have an offer until January where if you buy a selected camera you can send off for a free 50-230mm lens which is worth €500. I'm not sure how they're making any profit with that deal but I won't complain! I was leaning towards the Canon 700D before I saw the Fujifilm offer and I'm really happy that I chose the X-M1. It gives me the quality of a DSLR in quite a compact and easy to carry body and having the option of changing lenses makes it a brilliant all rounder.

 Another contender I had in mind was the Sony RX100 Mark II as it also had a tiltable LCD screen but after talking to the very helpful man in the camera shop I realised that with a point and shoot camera, no matter the quality it offered, I'd be restricted. I'd recommend the X-M1 to anyone looking to step up from a point and shoot but not willing to spend €600+ on a professional DSLR.

Thanks for reading!

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