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City Comforts


Today's post is a first for me, a 'What I Wore' type of thing! When I visit cities, be it Dublin, London or Cork, I'm most likely going to be walking all day so I want to be comfortable. But at the same time, you have to make a bit of effort in what you're wearing.

This is the outfit I wore the other day to Dublin. Whenever I know I'll be walking all day I wear my trusty Converse, these are just the classic low top Chuck Taylors in optical white. You may want to wear those gorgeous new boots you bought the other day, but realistically it's just not a good idea.

I paired them with my favourite jeans, the Topshop Leigh jeans in black. I can't begin to describe how comfy and soft these jeans are! My denim jacket is from Penneys, I bought it last year so this exact one isn't in stores anymore but they have new styles in that are just as nice! My rather large scarf is from Accessorize and again I bought this a few years ago. 

Layering is so important for long shopping days as temperatures in stores vary and as winter creeps in it's getting colder outside! Scarfs are handy as they're not too big so if you get too warm they can just be put in your bag for later.

And finally my favourite accessory at the moment! I don't think I've ever loved a bag this much! You can see more in depth pictures here!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!

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